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Mad doctor - Dr Psychotic
From the Creator, Bob Craypoe: is actually a network of websites primarily geared towards humor, arts and entertainment. It actually started out with one website, primarily, and that was Dr Psychotic is the wacky guy depicted on the left. The main page has the 3D version of the character. The truth is that I owe a lot to this guy because, not only is he the first website upon which everything was expanded and built upon but the most popular site as well, having drawn millions of visitors worldwide since its creation in December 2000. consists of over 3,0000 pages of content and is the bulk of the content that the network of websites is comprised of. The network of websites mostly use the same visual theme for the purposes of providing a consistent look and, to some extent, branding. When you see that familiar blue background, you know that you are still within our network of websites. Some other elements of the overall appearance within each website may vary though.

The intent behind the creation of this site was actually for the purpose of creating a centralized location where all of the websites within the network may be accessed from. On the bottom of each page within each website is a link to this one. We add that in the hopes that some of you may be curious enough to want to check out our other websites.

The Updates Page will contain information regarding the latest updates on the content of our associated sites. Whenever a new feature is added or new site created, the information will be posted there. Most will be done from the Bob Craypoe Facebook Fan Page. This helps to make the administration of the various sites and social networking pages more manageable. If you go to the Social Media Page, you will find links to our various social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Throughout the years, some sites I've created have done well while others have not ventured beyond the realm of mediocrity, in terms of the number of visitors. So, on those sites, updates were no longer made. Some of those sites may not be as aesthetically pleasing as the newer ones as a result. Some were created at a time when my webmaster skills weren't as advanced as they were when I created the ones to follow.

I am still in the process of eliminating some sites for the purpose of consolidating content. The ones with less visitors may vanish and their content moved to the sites that draw more visitors. Those changes will be announced on the updates page.

If you are at all curious as to how and why the Dr psychotic website got its name, you can check out the About Page for the Dr Psychotic website. You may also check out our Features Page to see what type of content our sites have and to find out more about the creator of the sites, feel free to log onto Bob Craypoe's site.

The bulk of my experience lies in music and the Internet. I also create some merchandise along those lines. I have E-Books that are instrument chord books and some on internet marketing. I also write articles related to the music business, computers, humor and the internet. You may find some of that posted in the Articles and Blogs portion of this site.

In closing, I would just like to thank you for checking us out here at and we hope you will look over some of our associated websites. It wouldn't hurt if you referred us to a few friends as well, but we wouldn't want to pressure you into doing anything. So, thanks for visiting and come back again.

Bob Craypoe
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